10x Your Energy! With The Power of YES!

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 Accelerate your own healing and recovery capabilities in 6 easy steps.  

Learn how to navigate your bodies own GPS system! Go to a higher vibration with the power of YES and combat low dense mind muck that could lead to depression with these simple yet effective tools.  

Align Your Body and Chakras to Create a Strong Mind-Body Connection with Source Energy 

  • Cultivate a Body and Mind Connection with Universal Life Force Energy
  • Clear the Seven Chakras for Emotional and Energetic Wellness
  • Develop a Profound Connection with Your Inner Self
  • Refuel, re-balance, and re-align your body, mind and soul 

On this course you will get access to:

  • 6 follow along videos.
  • Facebook support group to keep you on track.
  • Email support from Shelley Devine