Strength & Conditioning


4 week challenge starting APRIL 2nd and ending April 29th . There will be an additional $20 buy in required  to participate in the challenge.  The proceeds will go into the prize pot to be awarded to the winner of the challenge!

Tracking Your Progress



  • 4 week challenge starting April 2nd and ending April 29th at Bootcamp Battles. The objective will be to improve flexibility, mobility and overall physical fitness by attending strength and conditioning classes and working out independently.



  • Participants will be tested on their overall performance of 4 main physical fitness challenges that require strength and conditioning during a set time.  



Each Category will hold different percentage for determining challenge winner

  • Arm Strength      – 20%
  • Leg Strength       – 20%
  • Core Strength     – 20%
  • Speed/Stamina    – 20%
  • Week challenge/bonus points – 10%


2 Dumbells 12Lbs or up

2 Kettlebells 20 lbs or up

2 Gallon Water Jugs



  • We utilize a point system. Certain habits and/or activities have point values.  
  • Nutrition tracking. Journaling your meals will help you acquire points while keeping you on track towards your goals.  
  • Participation points. Posting in FB challenge group, encouraging, and supporting in the member's  forum will help you get points.  
  • Measurements and weight. At the end of the challenge, you will receive points for total inches lost and percentage of  weight lost.  


Accountability is the name of the game!

Participants will be required to perform each weeks workouts and record their results on an accountability document.

You will be able to track your progress and see how everyone else is doing too

Benefits & Bonus Challenges

10 Benefits of this Challenge


Just a few of the benefits of our Strength and Conditioning program

  1. Lose weight and Gain Muscle
  2. Learn Positive Eating Habits
  3. Increase Flexibility and Mobility
  4. Address Mental Limits
  5. Learn Exercise Form and Routine
  6. Feel Energized
  7. Learn fitness in a positive atmosphere
  8. Group exercises and teamwork
  9. Result tracking and personal coaching
  10. Prize Money $$$

Challenges worth 10 points each


Further instructions on how to be scored for the bonus challenges

  1. Attend ALL Classes Per Week for all 4 weeks
  2. Sign a partner up to The Challenge with you.
  3. Post an Instagram pictures of the Challenges each week and #evolvebootcamp
  4. Motivate someone outside of The Challenge to do a workout with you.
  5. Post a picture of a coach approved refrigerator or pantry.
  6. Take before and after measurements and post to Trainer
  7. Be a positive influence in every Strength and Conditioning Challenge you attend.
  8. Participate in BOOTCAMP BATTLES