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Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 2013
Happy New Year!

I want to send out a reminder that the JP Bootcampers will meet tomorrow evening, 1/2/13, 6pm at West on Centre, W. Roxbury for non bootcamp related frivolities. I am also putting a call out to prevent us all from  the "physical cliff". This past month I haven't exercised much and in that same time have held a cookie, brownie or adult beverage in my hand every day, sometimes multiple times a day and I am feeling like I may be falling off into the slumber of winter with each bit of clothing getting just a little too snug. Having said all that I have signed up for winter bootcamp but we need a few more willing participants to make that happen.  It is also true that when I glance over at the clock at 6am and pull up the covers it feels awful good BUT when I roll out of bed, I fear a few additional rolls come with me and it is only January 1!  Anyways something to think about or try for the month of January.  I hear shivering burns calories as well and every bit helps. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.



 Jan 4, 2013



I have never exercised to lose weight but, as most women, I am too
aware of my body size and if I should be pass naked in front of a full
length mirror I do so with Olympic speed.

Plain and simple exercise makes me feel good. It is not that I am ever
going to be a “perfect” size (whatever the current fashion size is, -3
or something) That was never the point. Could I be a fashion size -3?
Perhaps but not interested, not motivated. The point is to feel good
about yourself. Even when I exercise for only a few minutes it is
time that I am not sedentary. The goal is to feel good. When asked at
my current job how do you relieve stress I said exercise and that is
true. Again it is about feeling good and stress is not good. (The
other possible answer was alcohol but I DID need the job)

No, I am never going to be a size -3 but I don’t need to be. But this
is what I can be. I can be that person who takes the stairs and not
breathe heavy. I can be that person that feels confident and self
assured because I feel physically good. I can be that person that goes
to the doctor knowing I am at the top of the BMI scale but my
“numbers” are excellent. I can be that person who has that cookie,
that 2nd beer, that 5 course dinner with a wine pairing and have no
regrets because I will be sweating those calories off. I can be this
58 year old woman that moves more easily than folks half my age.
Exercise is about who and what I AM, not about who and what I'm not.

Now I could go on but need to get out of this chair and get moving.

Just another thought: What is it with people that order the Big Mac,
large fries and then the Diet Coke? What’s that about??? Really, a
Diet Coke? The Coke is not the problem in that meal. That tirade
will have to be for another day.

See you tomorrow.


Really, A Gallon of Water

Aug 1, 2013
Really, A Gallon of Water

Hey Shelley-

I thought everyone's email was on the "bring a gallon of water to the workout" email but just realized it was not. I just had a few observations I would like to share, if you could pass it on, that's cool otherwise I will share my words with you. Here goes:

JP Bootcampers-

One gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs. and I am typing this email with my teeth since I cannot move anything. My fellow bootcampers, when you get up from your chair today, with that slight grimace on your face, know you are not alone. All across the city your fellow campers are grimacing too. We all got "evolved" last night. For all of the new folks I hope you can come back, if for no other than the selfish reason, that the more of us the more breathing room between reps and that is always a good thing. Look, we made it though July, I think the hottest and muggiest month ever...I had to ring out my socks when I got home and we did it with some laughs and a lot of sweat. Either way if you can work it out, work it only gets better (not necessarily easier) and the clothes fit a little looser along the way. The fall is a great time as well since the sweat factor is much lower.
Lastly there are 640 or so muscles in the human body... today I am feeling about 650 of them. But my biggest muscle, no not my butt, but my heart is just chilling cause she is grateful that the 8.34 lbs was just a temporary adjustment. Show some love and come on back.

One more thing. Shelley, stay out of the canned fruit and vegetable aisle of the grocery store...I don't need you getting any NEW ideas.

Hope to see you all next week.

Ouch from here.


Bootcamp Instructor Pummels Student

Sept 20, 2013
Bootcamp Instructor Pummels Student

Of note this week in Brookline bootcamp instructor, Shelley (not so)
Devine, knocked to the ground loyal bootcamper, Donna C. The incident
occured on Downes Field just before sunset on September 18th.

A trio of milers circling the track observed the incident. They
reported being shocked as the victim laid (or lied, unclear) sprawled
on the ground as fellow bootcampers roared with laughter and
instructor, Ms. "Not so" Devine, doubled over cracking up. Although
no cries for help were heard not a hand was extended to the victim.
Common courtesy was not at play on the field that day.

Further complicating the day's events, it was noted that the victim,
Donna C. was "volunteered" by her bootcamp "friends" to act as the
target of Ms. "Not So" Devine's rage. Keep your friends close, but
your enemies closer, indeed.

Donna C. could not be reached for further comment

Personal comment:

I woke up the other morning laughing with these thoughts in my
head.....I just had to share. No harm done since I landed on my
padded derrier.


Laughing is just as important as a good workout....Thanks for both.

Compliment ??

Oct 5, 2013

Compliment ??

Having just completed the "stadium" minutes ago I forego tasty treats to get on with my day. First on the list was a flu shot, in line now. The "young" women that completed my paperwork said, no she actually whispered "you look so good for your age ". I gracefully thanked her but wait a minute ..... is that a compliment or not? Shit, I just did the whole freaking stadium you bet I'm taking that as a compliment. Maybe it was a red sweaty glow that made me look so youthful ... Whatever I'm heading to the shower and some serious eating. I may not feel so youthful tomorrow but today I feel pretty damn good.

See you both Monday, if I can walk.

Goddamn Bootcamp

Nov 24, 2013

Goddamn Bootcamp

When Jodie texted me this morning that she would not make it into Boston to do the stairs I knew I couldn't possibility drive to Allston and do the stairs alone with single digit temperatures out there. Plus breakfast alone, no way.  I thought it might be a good idea to take a little run since the "Winter Classic" is right around the corner.  Since the start of my attending  bootcamp, September 7, 2012, I haven't been doing my route in the arboretum. So today was the day to hit the pavement. In the spirit of the upcoming season "I donned myself in some gay apparel", which took longer than the anticipated run,  since finding the stuff and putting on all the layers took forever, then I had to go to the bathroom ONE FINAL TIME. Finally I headed out, set the watch for 30 minutes and faced the cold.  Up to the Casey  bridge, enter at the 203 gate, around to the main gate, down to the ponds and back to the 203 gate....check watch.....15 minutes.....what the ****,  hit watch.  Declare a hatred for bootcamp.  Here's why; in pre bootcamp days I would be back at the gate in 25 minutes heading home thinking about breakfast NOW I had 15 more minutes to go.  Goddamn Bootcamp. I turned myself around and headed up the "lilac" hill just to get my time in.  Goddamn Bootcamp has made me SO fit that I have to do that hill just to get in the "30 minutes of vigorous exercise recommended by the American Heart Association".  Goddamn Bootcamp. Don't get started on the Max Heart Rate thing.   Goddamn Bootcamp. Me and this bootcamp thing's a love/hate relationship, really.  

BUT I'll see you all tomorrow. 
Ranting from JP,

Thinking of You

Dec 28, 2013

Thinking of You

I have not forgotten you all this holiday season but with all the frivolities it has been difficult to find the time to expound on meaningless events as is my norm.

But alas a bootcamp related event has prompted me to painfully tap away at this phone as I head into NYC on the train.
Yesterday I arrived in new Rochelle, home of the in laws, for a continuation of the holiday season. After a traffic filled drive we arrive and the series of "what's new or are you still".....begun. WELL, my 80 something father in law asked if I was still playing softball??? WELL, I haven't played softball probably since the 1980's (Jen not sure you were born yet) but I quickly corrected him and said I was now involved in this bootcamp thing and so he says show me a muscle...... He really did......he really, really hesitation, no second thought, no good reason not to.......I gave him my popeye best arm curl...... "Feel this, feel this", I say and all mr. Frank can say is "Wow!".
You can only imagine my delight and sheepish smile. Best present ever!

Too much time on the couch and way too much to eat has prompted me to ask if anyone is interested in the Harvard stairs or a short run on New Year's Day?